#‎15M‬ ‪#‎Worlddebout‬ ‪#‎Globaldebout‬ LIVE Connection – EN DIRECT -500 Cities- Ζωντανή σύνδεση απο την Παγκόσμια κινητοποίηση της 15 Μάη

Plateia Molaon

Today is the day: let’s take the squares worldwide!
We are not commodities in the hands of bankers and politicians!
We want a true and real democracy and we want it now!



#‎WorldDebout‬‪#‎15M‬‪#‎NuitDebout‬‪#‎basicincome‬ + a peaceful ‪#‎repurposing‬ of the system for all people ‪#‎Back2basics‬

From ‪#‎15May‬ 500 cities in ‪#‎Europe‬ and the ‪#‎World‬ are standing together! Gathering in Public Spaces Everywhere…..it’s on.

World’s biggest poster unfurled in Geneva supporting basic income

Swiss initiative group Grundeinkommen (Basic Income) unfurled the world’s largest poster reading, ‘What Would You Do if Your Income Were Taken Care of?’ at the Plaine de Plainpalais Promenade in Geneva, Saturday, ahead of a national vote on a universal basic income on June 5.

Syndagma Sq. – ATHENS

NuitDebout Bordeaux – ΜΠΟΡΝΤΟ ΓΑΛΛΙΑ !


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